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Moving international

Our company King-Trans from Krakow offers a moving throughout Europe. We know that international removals require special preparation. Our experience shows that everything should be carefully planned so that you can avoid a lot of uninteresting situation.

Our company organizes international removals from A to Z. At the stage of determining the price of our staff will inspect the property and recommend the best ways of packaging, so with the least amount of effort up to secure transported items. Customers who don’t have time or don’t want to pack their things themselves, we offer you professional packing property. We use the best quality materials, because we want to ensure that all items have reached the place unchanged. We also do unusual objects, with our help you can carry things like pianos and antiques. In the case of particularly valuable items or important memorabilia we will use special precautions so as not to suffer any losses you. We realize that you give us all their possessions, so we make every effort to transport took place without any interference.

We have excellent cars that you can rent. Each car is equipped with special straps, pallet, blankets to protect and hydraulic lifts. As a result, loading and unloading take place smoothly and quickly, and transport safely. Our company’s success is also attributable to the employees. We employ people who have appropriate experience and qualifications so that you can be sure that the whole process of transportation will run flawlessly. Our employees also have the right skills when it comes to transportation of antiques or heavy objects, such as various types of equipment used in factories. We transport flats, houses, but also companies, warehouses and other institutions. You are interested – call!