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When you are ordering by the Internet
For orders of 3 weeks in advance

Call: 724 - 821 - 262

Packaging and equipment

For each service you are also needed packaging and security, which are equipped with our cars.


Belong to them:
- Cardboard boxes of various sizes
for packing books, toys, clothing and other things unbreakable
- Plastic container with lid
Packing glass, porcelain, etc.

- wrapping paper
additional safety glass, porcelain, etc.
- Bubble wrap
to protect delicate furniture, consumer electronics, appliances, paintings and other items sensitive to shocks
- Foil antispasmodic (strech)
to protect the furniture (especially upholstered - sofas, chairs, armchairs, mattresses)
- Wardrobes
High boxes with bar; for carriage in the intact clothes on hangers
- Industrial blankets
additional protection during transport of furniture
- Corrugated cardboard and felt spacers, Tie-down straps
to protect and immobilize the furniture during transport
- plastic bags
Packing bedding, stuffed animals, etc..


We have the right equipment, which is necessary to perform removals depending on the needs of the service


To do this, we use:
- Appropriate meblowozy with lifts itself by loading
- Trolleys
- Pallet trucks
- Specialized trucks for heavy equipment
- Adequate transport belts
- Specialized lifters
- winch

We work with companies with an in self-propelled cranes, vehicles with HDS and forklifts.
This enables us to carry virtually any cargo.

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